Monday, April 9, 2012

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

by John Grisham
                              Rated G

Theodore Boone is determined to one day be a famous trial judge, but for now, the 13-year-old will have to settle for getting the inside scoop at the courthouse in whatever way he can.

When a woman in  Theo's small town is murdered, Theo suddenly becomes more involved in the law than he ever thought he'd be. He just happens to be about the only person who knows there was a witness that day - a witness that neither the prosecution nor the defense has discovered. Should he put himself and the witness in danger by revealing what he knows, or watch a guilty man go free?

I'm glad John Grisham is writing for young adults! I've read the first two books in the Theodore Boone series, and there's one more coming out in May 2012. They have just the right amount of suspense and danger without being gory, and I'm really happy to say that there is no bad language. The books are clean and enjoyable, perfect for kids age 9-14 or so.

I have only one complaint: Book one ends with a cliffhanger, so I rushed right down to my library to check out book two (The Abduction). To my MAJOR disappointment, book two starts off with a completely different storyline and never gets back to the cliffhanger in book one at all, except on the very last page where a little hint makes you believe Grisham will finally get back to it in book three (The Accused). Unfortunately, book three has not been released yet. It's bad enough to have to read a second book to find out how a supsenseful storyline resolves itself, but to have to read clear through a third book also is just bad business. I really couldn't even enjoy book two because I was so disillusioned to find out it had nothing to do with book one. Mr. Grisham, take a note from Nancy Drew, and close your case in a timely manner.
Now, by the time your kids are ready for some summer reading, all three books will be out, so as long as you get all of them at the same time, everyone should be happy!

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