Saturday, April 7, 2012


by Anne Ursu
Rated: PG
Hazel can't help but feel out of place at her new school but thanks to her best friend Jack, she always knows there's at least one person with whom she can truly be herself. Hazel and Jack love to imagine fantasy adventures - the kind where the good guys win against evil sorcerers, or supervillians, or even an ice witch. When Jack suddenly turns against Hazel and then disappears after school one day, her world is torn apart. Why did Jack suddenly change and who is this mysterious aunt he's suddenly gone to visit? What about the kid who saw him get into a sled pulled by wolves in the woods? Is there a secret magic world in the wood beyond the sledding hill? Hazel is about to find out as she embarks on a journey to save Jack, no matter what the cost.
This book is whistle clean. No curse words, no romance, and minimal danger and suspense. A cute little read that has a few surprisingly touching moments. The climax was, well, a bit anticlimatic but your tween will probably enjoy the story regardless. This book does not age well to teen and adult, though.

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