Wednesday, March 28, 2012


by Julianne Donaldson

Rated PG

I admit that I'm not much of a romance reader, and I have two very good reasons for that! First, there are almost always too many inappropriate scenes that I have to skip over, and second, after reading a romance novel I usually come away feeling like my life is lacking somehow because my heart doesn't flutter and my cheeks don't flush 20 or more times per day.

I couldn't resist, however, when Shadow Mountain Publishing contacted me about a new brand of novel they are promoting, the "proper romance". Billed as "...everything a romance novel should be, without all that other stuff..", I figured the genre sounded perfect for a review on this blog.

Edenbrooke does live up to the publisher's billing. A debut novel set in the Regency era, it's a well-written blend of romance and intrigue, helped along by charming settings, a headstrong female protagonist, and of course, a dashing, well-to-do gentleman.

Marianne Daventry is the spirited young lady who has weathered tragedy and is living a pretty somber existence with her grandmother in Bath. When she receives an unexpected invitation to spend a few weeks at an estate in the country with her twin sister, she jumps at the chance. Knowing that her sister has already laid claim to the dashing young heir of the estate, Marianne plans to spend the summer enjoying the countryside. Instead, she finds herself stalked by an unsavory character determined to have her grandmother's fortune, while at the same time losing her heart to the one man she can't give it to.

I ended up reading this novel in one day (at the expense of dinner making, housecleaning, and child rearing). The quick read makes it a great addition to your list of beach reads this summer. And as for the genre...I tip my hat to Shadow Mountain, women will be collecting these novels, I'm sure of it.

Edenbrooke is rated PG for some kissing and mild violence. Certainly appropriate for teens and up. I did not have to skip any scenes, but as for the other...I am more certain than ever that my heart doesn't flutter nearly enough!

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