Monday, June 7, 2010

The Help

by Kathryn Stockett

Rated PG

Okay, okay, I've all probably read this one already, and I hate to be trendy, but here goes...

The Help is a novel that centers on three brave women, one white and two black, who work together to secretly document the lives of the black maids who work for white families in Mississippi.

The voice of the book switches back and forth between these three characters, which keeps the story interesting and fresh throughout, and allows the reader to feel like she's experiencing the risk they are all taking. If and when their book is published, will the people in their small town see their own lives within the assumed names that are used? If they do, the lives of the women who put the book together will not only change, but will likely be in danger.

Of course, to me, the other interesting story is the one behind the book. This is the author's first novel, it's been wildly successful, and is being made into a movie. And, her relationship with the black maid employed by her family when she was a child inspired the story. Now that's a story!

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