Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

by Kay Lynn Mangum

Rated PG

Kathy has lived her whole life in the shadow of her brother, Brett - a brother who died when she was two and that she barely remembers. That all changes when she receives a special gift on her 16th birthday - a secret journal that Brett wrote just for her. As she discovers the brother she thought she never had, she's also working on handling the whole high school thing, from tutoring the popular quarterback to learning the meaning of faith.

This young adult novel is both inviting and moving. After about 50 pages I found that I was thinking about the characters during the day and hoping to get back to my reading soon so I could find out how everything was going to work out for them.

This book is perfectly clean, and rated PG for some mild kissing and the mature theme of death. Certainly fine for pre-teens on up.

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