Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Wizard Heir

by Cinda Williams Chima

Rated PG

Seph is an orphaned wizard who has never had anyone to train him in the use of his powers. Unfortunately, this results in disastrous incidents, including the latest - a fire at a warehouse party. Seph thinks his luck has finally changed when he gets sent to the Havens, an exclusive private school whose headmaster, Dr. Leicester, offers to train Seph in the use of his powers. But he may want too much in return. . . . Why won't Dr. Leicester explain why Seph has to join his group of "alumni" in order to be trained? What exactly is he training the alumni for? Was the death of Seph's only non-wizard friend really innocent? Once Seph leaves the Havens, even more questions and danger arise and Seph must discover his strength as a wizard in order to save himself and those close to him.

Tweens and young teens will enjoy this fantasy story. Older teens and adults will probably find it a little too obvious. There are some mild action sequences and some characters die, although not very graphically.
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