Sunday, November 22, 2009

Magnificent Obsession

by Lloyd C. Douglas
Rated PG
The tagline on the cover of the book convinced me to read this one: "The classic story of one man's search to find personal redemption through service to others."
Bobby Merrick is a wealthy young playboy whose life is saved at the expense another's, the other man being a much-sought-after and beloved brain surgeon. The introspection that results from this tragic incident induces Bobby to begin modeling his life after the good doctor, including solving the mystery of a sort of secret philanthropy set down in code in the doctor's journal.
When Bobby untangles the code, he discovers the key to a power he never imagined existed, much less expected to be able to harness. And it is a power available to all...
The author's unique take on serving others and the rewards that come from it were close enough to the truth to cause some self-reflection in me. Some of his ideas strayed from what I consider truth, but I admire him for taking a concept essentially spiritual in nature and making it as scientific as any doctor could hope for. I had some trouble connecting with the characters for the first 50 pages or so, but after that I could hardly put it down, it was that enjoyable.
There is a handful of swearing and drunkenness in the story.
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