Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recovering Charles

by Jason F. Wright
Rated PG
Luke Millward has a flourishing career and good friends, but what he's missing is a Dad. Estranged from a father who sank into alcoholism after the death of Luke's mother, Luke struggles with embarrassing memories of his dad's slide into alcoholic oblivion during his teenage years. He never realizes how much he actually misses him until he is summoned to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Nobody has seen Charles Millward for days, and it falls to Luke to come and help search for him, or worse, perhaps just recover him.
Luke's search for his father is heartbreaking on so many levels. As he learns about his father's life in New Orleans, he comes to see that maybe his father wasn't who Luke thought he should be, but there's a good chance he might have been more.
This story is about Luke, Charles and New Orleans, but honestly, my heart ached most as Luke recounts early in the story his confusion and pain while watching his mom become addicted to prescription medications and slowly inch her way out of life.
After all that, be assured that the story has a satisfying ending rich with forgiveness and healing. Book clubs will enjoy discussing topics of regret, expectation, forgiveness and faith.
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