Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dairy Queen

by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Rated PG-13

Farming and football, that's what 15-year-old DJ's family is all about. Her two older brothers were superstars on the high school football team before they left home, and her younger brother is shaping up to be the same. DJ isn't shaping up to be much of anything except a milker, since she was saddled with all the farm chores when her dad had hip surgery.

Then one day, DJ decides that she's tired of doing exactly what everyone expects her to do all the time. So she tries out for the football team herself, even though she has a serious crush on the quarterback for her school's biggest rival - the boy she spent all summer training to milk a cow, and to throw a perfect spiral.

This young adult novel is funny and quirky, with a real down-home heroine. If Murdock's editors had given this book a better title and cover art, I think it would appeal to guys as much as girls.

Rated PG-13 due to intermittent cursing, a reference to a couple kids being caught up to no good out in the barn, and a friend who comes out of the closet. Nothing graphic.

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