Saturday, January 18, 2014

The First Phone Call From Heaven

by Mitch Albom
Rated PG

The small town of Coldwater, Michigan is turned upside down when residents begin receiving phone calls from the dead. Suddenly, daughters are getting calls from mothers, mothers from sons, businessmen from it real, or some sort of complex hoax?

It would seem much of the world believes the phone calls are real, as strangers from all over begin flocking to Coldwater to get a glimpse of the "chosen ones" who receive the calls. Sully Harding, however, is one man who does not believe. A single father whose wife died tragically and recently, Sully is determined that his little son not be duped into thinking his Mama might pick up the phone and call him from heaven. There's enough hurt without that.

As Sully quietly investigates the calls, he finds things he never expected. And that's the premise at the heart of this whole book - what would it mean if the unexpected happened?

A fun, clean mystery, this book is rated PG for suspense and mild references to violence and suicide. This book is really completely clean - thank you Mitch Albom!

Great choice for book club.