Monday, May 20, 2013

"Series" Books for Summer

We love summer Mondays at our house. Since we live in AZ and can't really do anything outside all summer long, we plan a lot of indoor activities. One of our favorites is Library Monday. Every Monday we go to the library, visit great-grandma, and then hit Sonic on the way home for half price slushies.

I thrills, but still.

I have a 2nd grader who inhales books like air. I never have enough around to keep her satisfied. My older kids like to read, too, but maybe not at the same pace, or maybe they're just reading longer books! Anyway, we like books that come in a series, because if you like one, you'll probably like the rest, and it keeps you in reading material a little longer.

Book Series' We'll Be Reading This Summer (and the approximate grade level):

A-Z Mysteries (grades 1-4)

Encyclopedia Brown (grades 2-5)

The Name of This Book is Secret (grades 5+)

Bobbsey Twins (grades 2-5)

Nancy Drew (grades 4-7)

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites (grades 5+)

Books I Want to Read Together:

E.B. White books, like Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little

A Little Princess, my favorite childhood book

Little House on the Prairie series

We hope you get the chance to enjoy reading lots and lots of clean books this summer!