Saturday, December 29, 2012

Have a Little Faith

by Mitch Albom
Rated: PG

Mitch Albom has done himself proud in yet another inspirational true story. The story begins when his childhood rabbi asks him to give the eulogy at his funeral, whenever that may be. Mr. Albom assumes it will be soon and decides he needs to meet with this man he knew only from a distance to really be able to eulogize him. What he thinks will be a few short visits turns into eight years of laughter, discussion, learning, and love. Interspersed with the stories of his visits with the Rabbi are Mr. Albom's visits with a very different kind of preacher named Henry - a Christian, former drug-using, drug-dealing ex-con who turned his life around and founded the I Am My Brother's Keeper ministry in Chicago. Through the interweaving of these stories, we appreciate the good people do, regardless of religion. A good act is a good act and should be celebrated. This is a story of redemption, tolerance, and loving your fellow man no matter what. I found it truly inspiring.

Although the book gives Henry's background which is a potluck of unfortunate decisions, it doesn't represent any of those deeds as desirable or good. Instead, it is used to juxtapose where Henry was to where he is now, giving all hope that lives can indeed be changed. There are no curse words or inappropriate sexual material.