Friday, November 30, 2012

Splendors & Glooms

by Laura Amy Schlitz
Rated PG

This slightly spooky book includes:
*  A puppetmaster with magic powers
* Two orphan children
* A rich but lonely little girl, Clara
* Grief-stricken parents
* A witch on her deathbed

When the orphans suspect that the evil puppetmaster they unwillingly serve has turned Clara into a puppet, they realize they must not only save themselves, they must save her too. Fleeing London, they run straight into a trap set by the dying witch, a witch who is determined to lift a curse off herself by passing it onto someone else.

If your tweens enjoy magic, mystery or suspense, they will really enjoy this book. This book is suspenseful but not super scary, so I'd say it's appropriate for ages 9+.

There is just a small amount of language from one of the orphans. Rated PG

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