Thursday, August 2, 2012


by Rachel Coker
Rated G

Already dealing with the loss of her beloved mother, Allie Everly's life is further uprooted when she is suddenly sent to the adoptive home of a woman she's never met, in a state she's never been to. Always something of a loner, Allie struggles to adjust and can't seem to open her heart to those who are trying to love her.

When Sam, a childhood friend / pest, suddenly shows up one summer, Allie has to decide if she is finally going to trust someone, or let her past forever weigh her down.

Although it's set in the 1940s, if the teenage dialogue in this book rings true, it may be because the author herself is still a teenager!

This book is squeaky clean (thanks, Rachel!) and Allie's conversion to Christ is a part of the plot, making it a good candidate for our General Christian category.