Monday, June 11, 2012

Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!

by Michael Winerip
Rated PG

Overscheduled student & newspaper co-editor Adam Canfield's life becomes more complicated than ever when he suddenly becomes his own front page story. After being mugged for a little snow shoveling money, Adam's story makes the news, and his own paper, The Slash, decides to run a story naming the top ten bullies at school.

In the meantime, Adam's to-do list includes saving a 300-year-old tree, keeping a corrupt millionaire from taking over the city, and putting the 'fair' back in science fair, all without knowing if there are any adults left that he can trust or confide in.

Watch Your Back is the second of three Adam Canfield books. If you want to read all three, the first is Adam Canfield of the Slash, and the third is Adam Canfield: The Last Reporter. I have read only book two so far, but if the other two are similar, I definitely recommend them.

Adam's life as a middle-school investigative reporter comes off as interesting, suspenseful, and sometimes funny. I think your kids age 8-13ish will enjoy the series.

This book was very clean. Zero bad language, zero inappropriate situations or references. I only rated it PG due to some suspenseful or mildly violent situations (like the mugging).

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