Friday, September 16, 2011

The Princess Sisters

by Stacy Lynn Carroll, Rated PG
This is a fun story about 5 cousins who have the misfortune to all be named after Disney princesses. Like high school isn't tricky enough already! As they try to figure out the difference between all the toads and frogs out there, they end up learning that they are more than just their corny names as well.

The girls make some iffy decisions along the way, but they end up doing the right thing in the end, and even get a little revenge against a she-bully in the process.

With two teenage boys and three girls headed that way, my favorite part of the book was the fresh ideas I got for fun ways to ask people to special dances. Those ideas can be hard to come by, and the ones in the book were really cute.

Rated PG for some very minor language and mild kissing.

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