Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wish You Well

by David Baldacci

Rated PG

12-yr-old Louisa Cardinal and her 7-yr-old brother are suddenly thrust from their life in 1940s New York City to the rustic mountains of Virginia by the force of a tragic accident. From a poor but happy existence with their mom and dad, they go to a truly poverty-stricken and hard scrabble life with their great-grandma, also named Louisa Cardinal.

As loss after loss threatens to overwhelm these two children, the characters and the reader are saved from despair by simple acts of kindness performed by neighbors, along with a miracle or two.

A fascinating look into a life scratched out at the top of a mountain, Wish You Well contains no sexuality or innuendo, a very tiny smattering of language, and is rated PG because of some violence in the form of fistfights. This is a very clean and enjoyable novel.

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