Monday, June 7, 2010

The Promise

by Oral Lee Brown

Rated PG

Although maybe not the most compelling writing, the true story of Brown's outrageous promised to a class of 1st grader's that she would pay to send them all to college is just the kind of yarn I love to get involved in.

Oral Lee Brown made all of $40,000/year and lived in run-down Oakland, CA when she made her now-famous promise to a group of underprivileged 1st graders. If they would put in the effort to graduate from high school, she would see to it that the funds were available for each and every one of them to go to the college of their choice.

Contributing $10,000 per year of her own salary, and creating a foundation to raise the additional funds needed, she made good on her promise. That's amazing, but even more amazing are the accounts of the many hours she spent beyond the fundraising, just trying to make sure these kids made it, alive and with decent grades, to graduation at all. The book offers a little glimpse into the lives of the students as well as their mentor, and I finished the last page feeling envious that Brown is someone who has actually made a real difference in the world.

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