Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Covenant Child

by Terri Blackstock
Rated PG
Twins Kara and Lizzie are heirs to a billion dollar fortune, but they've grown up in a run-down trailer with relatives who care a great deal about money but not at all about little girls. The twins have been told all their lives that when their father died when they were three, their stepmother, Amanda, stole their inheritance and is just looking for an opportunity to kill them so they can't take her money when they turn 18.
But when Amanda comes into their life and tells them a completely different story - a story of love and loss and longing for the family they used to be - the girls don't know who to trust.
Covenant Child is a novel that will keep you up late reading to finish it. The losses the characters suffer feel personal, and you'll find yourself rooting for these girls all the way. Terri Blackstock is a prolific Christian author, and this book is part of the Women of Faith Fiction series. This is the first of her books I've picked up, and I enjoyed it. Rated PG due to a couple unsavory characters and one instance of violence.
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