Monday, July 27, 2009

Resting in the Bosom of the Lamb

by Augusta Trobaugh
Rated PG
As the name implies, this novel reads like an old Southern spiritual. Four women wearing out the floorboards on the front porch as they rock and tell their family stories to each other, over and over. Only there are some stories that have never been told, stories that hurt too much, stories that no one should have to remember. And if nobody remembers them, perhaps they never happened.
But secrets have a way of making you feel like they have to be told, and that's how it is for Pet. Pet has always considered Miss Cora her family, even though they have different skin colors and Pet has "kept her place" in Miss Cora's house her whole life. Now she is old, Miss Cora is old, and Pet has to decide whether speaking of their secrets will protect her "family" or ruin it.
This book is rated PG because it alludes to some disturbing events, but never graphically.
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